Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The single mom... wasn't always single

When I was making a play book for my life being a single mom at 20 wasn't exactly on my list. I wanted to see the world and focus on my career that I was taking off at. I didn't think I had time to fall back into it with my high school love...let alone be pregnant alone. To this day I will always thank wyatt for saving me and getting me in the mind frame to accomplish my dreams but It's not always easy. I find myself in dark places feeling hate towards a man I use to have so much love for. And please before you go bashing his name for leaving I held the door open for him he just took his chance to walk out. I knew I wasn't going to be able to provide for my son with him holding me back. He thought my dreams and goals were a joke...he still does. But the point is we just wernt ment to be but I belive god wanted me to bring wyatt into this world. He has a plan for both of us I just have to trust it. I'm now 21 going on 22 wyatt will be 2 soon and we are both in a much better place then I know my ex is in. I have a business that pays the bills and also let's me be home with wyatt. I work more when I need the money but I'm not lost that's the important thing. All my friends ask me what in doing that working for me how I found myself. Everytime I'm asked this I relize I didn't find myself I made myself into what I wanted wyatt to be proud of. I don't have time to make sure I please other people the only thing I have time for is to show wyatt how loved he is.

Monday, April 11, 2016


First off I want to welcome you to the exciting life of Wyatt! My little man is a lively 2 year old who is learning everything about the world thru busy hands and messy feet! My idea in starting this blog is to track his second year in life and the start of our home school journey together! I think I'm more excited than he is but we are working on it. This whole blog idea is new for me so I apologize now if I don't do it right. But I will do my best to keep you all as up to date on the daily adventures and post videos of different activities and things we do. And if you have any questions about any of the homeschooling things you see don't be shy send me am email.